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I have a very strong belief that we are made up of Mind, Body & Spirit. 

Here I will work on explaining my understanding of energy and energy therapy and how I have used it over my long years of training and working with people as they seek to grow, develop and heal.

There are no judgements in this place and we can work together to help you grow, develop and move forward.

You will also find that there are training opportunities on this site.  You can learn to work with others and help them on their journey as well.


I’m Hugh

My main job in life has been as a Clinical Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer.

I have also studied and trained in many types of Energy Therapy and worked with people on their journey into this wonderful field.  You will find that this site talks a lot about Metatronia Energy Therapy, this is my energy therapy of choice, as I find it very powerful and life changing.

What I Do

Metatronia Energy Therapy

Metatronia Therapy® is Source vibration. This sacred vibration received through Archangel Metatron aligns you to Divine light. It is not only bound to healing as it works to assist the vibrational alignment that in turn assists the Ascension process. The light works to your own unique energy/vibratory signature.

Metatronia Massage Therapy

MT Massage is the application and integration of Source vibration into the physical vessel (body) through distant vibrational massage.  It involves 2 sessions, an alignment session and the massage session 1 week apart.

Level 1 Energy Therapist Training

This is the official training of the Metatronia Foundation of Light.

There are two levels:

Healer is the first stage on your journey.  This trains you to work with the Metatronia energy for yourself and others.


Level 2 - Master/Teacher

Master, is the highest level and as well as deepening your experience, it also allows you to train others in this wonderful energy modality.

Working with Animals

The energies work very powerfully on the animal world.  This session will focus on your pet or working animal.

Intuitive Energy Reading

This is a very intensive session, focusing on reading your energy system and giving feedback on what is perceived or revealed.  It involves an alignment session and the Intuitive session 1 week apart

Workshop Retreat

This is a 2 day programme spent in reflection and working with Metatron and the energies.  Level one in Metatronia Energy Therapist is part of the weekend.  The focus will be on tuning into the energy and processing any blocks that are presented.


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