Metatronia Energy Therapy Session

Metatronia Therapy® is Source vibration. This sacred vibration received through Archangel Metatron aligns you to Divine light. It is not only bound to healing as it works to assist the vibrational alignment that in turn assists the Ascension process. The light works to your own unique energy/vibratory signature. The Divine light Dynamics have a specific purpose which is to assist mankind’s Alchemical Light transmutation. It is ever altering, expanding and moving in line with Source light harmonics. We use the term “Therapy” in relation to the human vessel being assisted by the light of the One, through healing and vibrational alignment as it evolves into Divine Human. Therapy is not used in the conventional term.


Metatronia Massage Therapy

MT Massage is the application and integration of Source vibration into the physical vessel (body) through  vibrational massage. The Massage differs slightly from the MT healing modality in that Source light is used more specifically to deeply penetrate the muscles, tendons, ligaments – all the physical aspects of the human body. This vibration works deep to release, align, relax and rejuvenate. The frequency is felt very strongly and is verification of the support that we have from Source. MT Massage can only be carried out by a Metatronia Therapy Practitioner as it is an enhancement to the MT Healing training.

Metatronia Energy Therapist Training

MT Healer Attunement contains all that is required to begin your MT Lightworker and energy practitioner journey. Including digital materials, forms, Workbook and distant Attunement. You also have the option to show your details on our Practitioner register at


No other Attunements should be undertaken within a 4-week period once you embark on this training. This is to allow for the vibrational expansion and integration and also to honour the frequency.


Pack includes:


Dropbox links, Meditations & Metatations Recordings, Lightbody (LBV) Pack, Healing & Alignment, MT Practitioner Training Webinar Recordings, Healer Workbook, Application & Q&A Forms, MTFOL Membership fee included, 1 x optional 45 minute Zoom/Skype Guidance session, email guidance & support. *First year Annual Practitioner Registration fee included*.


Once the Q&A and Application forms are completed and sent back to me – the Attunement session will be set up in your date and time zone. Please use the Healer level workbook to assist you in answering the Q&A form. Any questions at any time please email me.


All my distant training programmes are comprehensive. If you wish to have further training, discussion, support, insight or guidance you have the option to book the “Further Skype/Zoom Session”.



 MT Master Level 2

Attunement (Distant) Package

The MT Master Attunement further enhances your vibration and light integration. It enables you to attune others to MT. Master Attunement can be given 3 months after Healer Level I. A Master Level workbook is included and a Q&A form is attached for completion. The distant Attunement will be arranged at a mutual date and time.

An Electronic Certificate will be issued upon Attunement. Package includes Master Dropbox link. Complimentary ongoing email support & guidance.

No other Attunements should be undertaken within a 4-week period once you embark on this training. This is to allow for the vibrational expansion and integration and also to honour the frequency.

All my training programmes are comprehensive. If you seek further guidance, training, discussion or insight you have the option to book the “Further Skype/Zoom Training” option or the “MT Practitioner Live Training Sessions” if you are already attuned.

If you have to reschedule your Skype/Zoom session please give adequate notice. Missed sessions are non-refundable.


Combined Distant Training Package


This includes Level 1 and 2 and is discounted when purchased together.  Check out the Book Services page.


 Intuitive Reading

This involves 2 sessions.  Firstly you will have an alignment session to allow you to come to know the energy.  One week later I will connect with you to do the intuitive session.  Any feedback I receive I will forward to you and we can explore it.


 Inner Child Therapy or Children’s Sessions

There are two levels to these sessions.  For adults the Inner Child Therapy is focused on helping the healing of childhood issues.  It is not a substitute for Counselling, Psychotherapy or Psychological Medical Intervention.  It works to help clear any residual material that is energetically blocking your growth and development.


Children’s sessions.  You can book a session for your children.  This can help your child deal with issues that it might be experiencing.  They are very open to the energy and can work with it very naturally.


Animal Sessions.

Animals can be helped with this energy.  They respond to the energy very well and can work with it within their own level of consciousness.  It can be used to help them physically or when they are ready to die and pass over.






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